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Knowledge Center

The PeopleSoft Toolbox Knowledge Center offers a miriad of information to help the PeopleSoft professional successfully perform basic tasks to complex development.  From years of PeopleSoft experience a wealth of knowledge is provided in this one stop shop. 

**NEW** PeopleSoft Product Home Pages. Access to release Notes, Installation Guides, ERDs, Business Process Maps and much more.

How To

This will provide you with great reference material to help you in your day to day work.  The first cheatsheets include COBOL and Tracing Cheatsheets.  More to follow ..... 


Follow the Toolbox blog and find out more about PeopleSoft Tools, technology findings, questions and comments from followers of the Toolbox website.

October 2010 Blog entries include miniSQL Query detail, Some COBOL snippets, handy SQL examples and some news on Consulting.


PeopleSoft Toolbox provides bespoke applications designed to make the PeopleSoft professional's job that bit easier.  Download the latest applications from the Tools section.   **NEW** PeopleSoft Table Finder Lite is a utility to help you identify any tables within HRMS, Financials, EPM, CRM, ELM and Portal by the use of powerful search functionality.  An easy to use interface helps you successfully identify information where you would normally require access to the development tools.  **NEW** MouseMove is a small utility which generates mouse movements and clicks.  This will help keep sessions open, automate mouse clicks and stop screensavers or automatic timeouts.


Find out what is happening out there.  If you are wondering what ORACLE is currently up to with regards to Fusion and the latest PeopleSoft versions or would like to know what the outlook is for employment then this site provides all you need to know in the industry section.

**NEW** PeopleSoft Toolbox has created a LinkedIn group called "The PeopleSoft Toolbox". 

**NEW** We are now providing summaries of up to date PeopleSoft jobs and opportunities from some major IT Job Web Search Engines.