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ORACLE, PeopleSoft and Java

Navigate to the Downloads section for PeopleSoft, ORACLE, Java and 3rd party tools and utilities.

MouseMove v1.0

MouseMove is a utility which will help keep sessions alive by generating mouse movements and/or mouse clicks. This is a perfect utility when you need to keep a session alive, automate mouseclicks or stop screen savers from becoming active.

Once loaded MouseMove will be minimised to the system tray.


Program:    Download

PeopleSoft Table Finder Lite v1.0

A small utility to help you identify any table within HRMS, Financials, EPM, CRM, ELM and Portal by the use of powerful search functionality.  An easy to use interface helps you successfully identify information where you would normally require access to the development tools.   All data has been sourced from the latest application releases 9.1.

Further product support and additional functionality will be included in the full version soon to be released.

Table Finder Lite

Program:    Download

miniSQL Query v1.0

A very simple lightweight SQL query tool which has been written in HTML and vbScript.  This is one of those tools which is as portable as they get.  If you do not have administrative rights to install applications then this is just the tool.  

The HTML page will request the execution of ActiveX controls when you open it (Yellow Ribbon).  These are standard Microsoft provided controls which are used by miniSQL Query to allow the page to interact with databases and MSExcel.  

miniSQL Query

Program:    Download

PS Trace Formatter v1.0

Read, format, parse binds, extract timings and statistics for Application Engine, COBOL and application server traces all within an Excel Spreadsheet.  This is an ideal tool to take with you anywhere and the only requirement is to have an installation of Microsoft Excel.  

Trace Formatter

Program:    Download

PS Web Spy Lite v1.2

Ever wanted to find out what the record and field names when you have a PeopleSoft web page open.  Web Spy Lite provides you with this functionality with an easy to use interface.  Simply use the IE context menu to start the PS Web Spy Lite interogation process and you can then hover over highlighted fields to provide the details you are looking for.  Version 1.2 provides some minor fixes, smaller control box and help dialog.

Web Spy Lite

Program:    Download

Excel Data Query v1.0

Query Multiple databases with sets of predefined queries and have the ability to drill down to underlying 
transactions much like PeopleSofts nVision tool

Supports OLE DB connections for SQL Server, ORACLE as well as ODBC.


Program:    Download


DB Monitor Lite v1.0

Monitor multiple databases with an easily configurable GUI.  Run as a system tray process while tracking database statistics, processes, application messaging and many other areas that normally require considerable amounts of time and work.  Comes with template statements to get you up and running in minutes.  


Program:    Download


Web Page Spy v1.2

Web Page Spy provides a means of identifying record and field names by hovering the mouse cursor over PeopleSoft web pages. A must for the PeopleSoft developer.  Version 1.2 released June 2011.


Program:    Download


SQL Trace Parser v1.0

This is a very handy tool for converting those horrible SQL trace files into a format that is easy to read and execute.  Options to format the SQL, include bind variables in statements and also provide timings are available.  

sql trace parser

Program:    Download


DB Query Lite v1.0

DB Query Lite is a query tool that supports OLE based connections.  It allows you to run SQL Queries for Oracle, MySQL, FoxPro, SQL Server, Access, DB2, Active Directory, Excel and text files. It also provides the ability to store and categorise commonly used  sql statements as well as the ability to export results to delimited files, Insert Statements,Excel, XML, HTML. 

DB Query Lite

Program:    Download